Shouldn’t Muslims be clean?

Struggling to find out why nobody at the mosque wants to assist. I began the cleanup myself only to find needles used by drug users under the water tank. The person who cleans only cleans once a week, and I confirmed he doesn’t even do that. How can I organize or mobalize people to clean up if even Muslims, or people involved in the organization of the Mosque don’t see the problem? I began the cleanup myself only to find everyone wanting to remove the vacuum or broom from my hands and ask “Why are you cleaning?”

I would insert an image in this post but the latest wordpress changes are a pain in the arse. Hopefully I’ll have it fixed soon.



2 thoughts on “Shouldn’t Muslims be clean?

  1. Bro I have been in similar situations, except rather than in Egypt (or, say, in a predominantly Muslim area) it was here in the States. Just explain to the people around you who are grabbing the broom that you want the blessings for cleaning the mosque.

    With time, as the place gets cleaner, lesser amounts of dirt will stand out, and naturally be cleaned. Leading by example is much more effective than leading by word.

    • Abdul you are 100% correct. I picked up a broom the following day and witnessed a bee-hive of activity instantly. Everyone asked why I was cleaning and I explained that to be Muslim is to be clean, period.

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