Suez Farmers

SuezFarmers, originally uploaded by Sam Rabeeh.

Photographed at the Sinai side of the Suez crossing in the summer of 1997.

I was on my way to El Arish by bus for the first time. We crossed by ferry and rested at a cafe. I wandered around and ran into these gentlemen who quickly started to ask me all kinds of questions about who I was, where I’m from, what I was photographing and why…they didn’t stop! Egyptians are curious about other nations, people, their customs, what life is like. I noticed this is even more profound on my last trip this year.

Like most people in Egypt, they wanted to have their picture taken. I promised these men a copy of this picture but I’ve been unable to make it back to the crossing since to deliver on that promise. Soon hopefully.

Taken with: Pentax AE1 – 50mm


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