Lookout here come the birds!!!

3D Birds


I promised more information and visuals regarding the Ascendant film project. Above is one frame of a 72 frame animation of a flock of birds. We only had two days to shoot and edit to final cut. Of course post-production is squeezed in there. You can now see the final video!

One of the three shots for The Ascendant

The particles only

And the final edit submitted for mission 4 at Cinecoup

Ascendant Speechless

The direct Youtube video here


When the Net speaks, it’s American

Have you read “Stuff White People Like“?

Take a quick peek at the link to the article “explaining” white peoples motivations surrounding health care. The blog is quirky and funny to say the least. But this post I had a different perspective, one I had reading a few other posts. At first I laughed as I thought another quirky article from a blog that just got a book deal. But is it?

As a Canadian reading several blogs I have discovered the majority of blog writers and commentors are Americans, the blog post is about Americans, or Americans abroad. It’s as though there are no other “white” people anywhere, or any other people for that matter. Or is it only American white people responding?

This myopic view of the world is extremely troubling, comments at the above post also reflect the utter lack of open dialogue between differening viewpoints. It’s extremely depressing and sad. The only hope I imagine is the illuminated behaviors, once hidden internally, are now exposed, digested, studied. As even though the article is humorous, it brings the out the worst in some.