Suez Farmers

SuezFarmers, originally uploaded by Sam Rabeeh.

Photographed at the Sinai side of the Suez crossing in the summer of 1997.

I was on my way to El Arish by bus for the first time. We crossed by ferry and rested at a cafe. I wandered around and ran into these gentlemen who quickly started to ask me all kinds of questions about who I was, where I’m from, what I was photographing and why…they didn’t stop! Egyptians are curious about other nations, people, their customs, what life is like. I noticed this is even more profound on my last trip this year.

Like most people in Egypt, they wanted to have their picture taken. I promised these men a copy of this picture but I’ve been unable to make it back to the crossing since to deliver on that promise. Soon hopefully.

Taken with: Pentax AE1 – 50mm


Busy times

To say things have been busy is an understatement. The research in Egypt has made me anxious. Many stories not convcieved sprouted as the journey developed yet i don’t feel closer to discovering how exactly a story on identity should unfold. There are numerous smaller stories that I feel should be explored, community development, Christian Egyptians and their experiences, Democratic protests, foreign companies taking advantage of the state of Egyptian politics and society….but before that…..

Recovering from a media drive failure no less, yes there is backups thank god….

Flickr account is setup so there is some progress….

Shouldn’t Muslims be clean?

Struggling to find out why nobody at the mosque wants to assist. I began the cleanup myself only to find needles used by drug users under the water tank. The person who cleans only cleans once a week, and I confirmed he doesn’t even do that. How can I organize or mobalize people to clean up if even Muslims, or people involved in the organization of the Mosque don’t see the problem? I began the cleanup myself only to find everyone wanting to remove the vacuum or broom from my hands and ask “Why are you cleaning?”

I would insert an image in this post but the latest wordpress changes are a pain in the arse. Hopefully I’ll have it fixed soon.


Garbage garbage garbage

Been very busy filming on the subject of Egyptian Identity, community development and Medical clinic at the Mosque El Rabeeh, the status of christians in Egypt and the myth that they are not welcome and live a live of burden under the Egyptian’s.

Unfortunately no progress has been made in home village of Uwlela in regards to garbage. Many people still throw it in the street, burn it, including plastic and because it was thrown in the water on a regular basis, the government has decided to put a concrete canal in it’s place and cover it with Earth. No longer are there beautiful trees, and no longer can people throw garbage into the water.

Why are there  no garbage cans lining the main street? I could go on but in short I plan to change this.

I plan to organize a garbage collection from the streets after friday prayers. Anyone willing to assist us is of course welcome. I hope to educate people that as Muslims, we are required to be clean. The Mosque can educate young and old. We can show by action that we can clean the village. If I need to do it alone at first I will. I will also drive it to dump the garbage if anyone stops us from dropping off the garbage at the central location for pickup.

I want to write more, but there’s much to do. God Speed.


When the Net speaks, it’s American

Have you read “Stuff White People Like“?

Take a quick peek at the link to the article “explaining” white peoples motivations surrounding health care. The blog is quirky and funny to say the least. But this post I had a different perspective, one I had reading a few other posts. At first I laughed as I thought another quirky article from a blog that just got a book deal. But is it?

As a Canadian reading several blogs I have discovered the majority of blog writers and commentors are Americans, the blog post is about Americans, or Americans abroad. It’s as though there are no other “white” people anywhere, or any other people for that matter. Or is it only American white people responding?

This myopic view of the world is extremely troubling, comments at the above post also reflect the utter lack of open dialogue between differening viewpoints. It’s extremely depressing and sad. The only hope I imagine is the illuminated behaviors, once hidden internally, are now exposed, digested, studied. As even though the article is humorous, it brings the out the worst in some.

On The Trail in Elk Island

Moose Eating

It’s alot of work researching a documentary, especially as there’s always a few ideas being fleshed out at the same time. One never knows if someone else is planning the same thing or if it’s just to costly, or even possible. It’s been said to prepare for any story you must call all your references or notable voices, hopefully authoratitive to add strength to your story or script, heck anyone. I know from personal experience outside of film-making that cold-calling works! Part of this planning includes actually shooting with new gear and situations.

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