Lookout here come the birds!!!

3D Birds


I promised more information and visuals regarding the Ascendant film project. Above is one frame of a 72 frame animation of a flock of birds. We only had two days to shoot and edit to final cut. Of course post-production is squeezed in there. You can now see the final video!

One of the three shots for The Ascendant

The particles only

And the final edit submitted for mission 4 at Cinecoup

Ascendant Speechless

The direct Youtube video here


Independent Filmmaking Sacrifices


A sneak peek at a shot from Ascendant where the villain runs… finds…sees…well, you’ll have to watch this mission in a day or so to see what happens!

This post is about sacrifices so what sacrifices am I making? Well it’s Saturday night and I’m wrangling VFX for an independent film for the love of it only.

I could use a beverage if someone wants to drop one off and socialize 😉