How can a PR and Marketing story be inspiring?

If you own your own business, read this article. It’s very short yet you too may be inspired by some of the questions.

“How do we manage our interdependence with the community?”

This statement really amazed me as I have never considered it before. I asked myself repeatedly the same question in my mind. The “Alternatives” section really hit home as I have seen personally many situations where companies excelled (i.e. Tylenol) and others failed (i.e. Exxon).

I look forward to asking a lot of these questions of myself and exploring the answers. Small or large company, I think this is valuable.


Generically Implementing the Unit of Work & Repository Pattern with Entity Framework in MVC & Simplifying Entity Graphs

Looking forward to another article from Long at!/read/blog/id/10143612/

Can I link to him that way? Oh well, I’m sure I’ll be flamed for offending the blog gods and learn from it!

I’m busy working on a few very small MVC projects that I will be public soon. I look forward to sharing.

Long Le's Blog

Update: 02/24/2014 – v3.2 released, improved API and reusable queries with the variation of the Query Object Pattern. Breaking change: Framework now ships returning all things TEntity or IEnumberable for compartmentalization, you will need to change the Repository.cs (see below, what methods signatures to change) if IQueryable is preferred over IEnumerable, IEnumerable is preferred as a best practice (

Update [01/06/2014] Quick start online video:

1-3-2014 5-43-38 PM

Update [11/18/2013]: Added mocked DbContext and DbSet and example Unit Tests using the mocks, download:

This will be part two of a six part series of blog posts.

  1. Modern Web Application Layered High Level Architecture with SPA, MVC, Web API, EF, Kendo UI, OData
  2. Generically Implementing the Unit of Work & Repository Pattern with Entity Framework in MVC & Simplifying Entity Graphs
  3. MVC 4, Kendo UI…

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Lookout here come the birds!!!

3D Birds


I promised more information and visuals regarding the Ascendant film project. Above is one frame of a 72 frame animation of a flock of birds. We only had two days to shoot and edit to final cut. Of course post-production is squeezed in there. You can now see the final video!

One of the three shots for The Ascendant

The particles only

And the final edit submitted for mission 4 at Cinecoup

Ascendant Speechless

The direct Youtube video here

Independent Filmmaking Sacrifices


A sneak peek at a shot from Ascendant where the villain runs… finds…sees…well, you’ll have to watch this mission in a day or so to see what happens!

This post is about sacrifices so what sacrifices am I making? Well it’s Saturday night and I’m wrangling VFX for an independent film for the love of it only.

I could use a beverage if someone wants to drop one off and socialize 😉